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Leadership Speaker. Author. Leadership Consultant and Expert.

Wendy Capland is an award winning executive and one of the top women leaders in the field of leadership development.

As CEO of Vision Quest Consulting, Wendy Capland inspires women to create their ideal vision for life, and then boldly step into it. For over 30 years her leadership firm has helped individuals and organizations build leadership skills through Executive Coaching, Leadership Training, and Executive Team Facilitation to both Fortune 500 executives and entrepreneurs.

As a prominent authority on leadership, especially during accelerated times of change, organizations frequently engage Wendy to speak at their events. Her topics cover fresh perspectives on how people can reinvent themselves to productively achieve more. Her participants leave energized, excited, and inspired to make positive changes, both personally and professionally.

Wendy says with confidence, “You can be anything! Boldness has magic in it. Believe in yourself and be bold!” This belief amplifies itself daily as she dedicates herself to successfully and strategically inspiring women to find their purpose. Through her powerful leadership expertise, Wendy has made highly significant impacts with audiences as she lays the groundwork for women to step into their power and ultimately rock their own world in record time!

Often her combined strategies give her clients a competitive edge, establishing her as an expert in continuous high demand. The president of a financial corporation attributed their increase in profit margin (up 30% in 3 years), to the excellent executive coaching, leadership training, and senior management-team strategy facilitation Wendy and her team provided. Additionally, Wendy successfully positioned a senior manager to become promoted to an executive position within just one year. These extraordinary results are just a snapshot among many.

She and her firm provide consulting to many top industry leaders in Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Professional Services and Consumer Products throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and China. Top tier companies like MetLife, IBM, Partners Healthcare, EMC, Cisco Systems, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and CVS Health are but a few widely recognized leaders who rely on her expertise.

Women’s Leadership Expert

Wendy Capland is a sought after expert in women’s leadership. Even the most prestigious women’s conferences in the United States and large well-known organizations have sought after and hired Wendy to speak and provide leadership development workshops and programming for their senior women. Some of these include: The Conference Board’s Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, MetLife, Genentech, D’Assault Systemes, Hologic Corporation, Cisco, Pepsico, Digitas, Healthcare Business Women’s Association, and Simmon’s Leadership Conference, and the list continuously expands.

Wendy earned her place as an Amazon Best Selling Author for her book, Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted. Every woman reading her book feels completely engaged and rates her book a brilliant ‘five stars’.

Annually, Wendy conducts unique women’s leadership programs for individual women and for their organizations. Over more than a decade she has ignited inspiration and motivation for thousands of women to become more confident and stronger change agents and corporations to develop their pipeline of female talent. Wendy provides a rare combination of professional and leadership development with personal transformation immersion experiences in her programs where women begin to see themselves as stronger and able to harness their personal power and put fears aside to take bold moves toward a fulfilling future.

Wendy lives in Massachusetts with her husband and her family.

To schedule Wendy to speak at your event, contact info@wendycapland.com


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“Engaging and informative presenter. Extremely beneficial. Loved it, thought Wendy was better than most of the speakers I saw at the conference itself, highly suggest you use her for more at future conferences. Helped us realize we are all leaders in the world we work in and that each of us bring special talents to what we do.”Simmons Leadership Conference 2013

“Really valuable and highly engaging. I learned a lot that I can use back at work.”Healthcare Business Women’s Association

“Thank you so much for your wonderfully collaborative keynote presentation at this week’s Women’s Leadership Conference. It was a perfect kick-off to a successful conference; and the personal stories you shared reflected your own authenticity and I know inspired others to realize they don’t have to be perfect or know all the answers to be successful. Many people came up to me during the conference and told me how much they enjoyed your session and appreciated your format as well. It was a tremendous pleasure work with you both.” Julie Magrath, Co-Program Director, The Conference Board’s Women’s Leadership Conference

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About Vision Quest Consulting

Wendy Capland is the Chief Executive Officer of one of America’s most innovative leadership development firms.


Wendy Capland Keynote Speaker

Wendy Capland has been a leadership speaker for hundreds of organizations, including MetLife, Hologic Corporation, The Conference Board, and Simmons Leadership Conference.


Wendy Capland Womens Leadership Speaker

Wendy Capland is one of America’s foremost authorities on Women’s Leadership and has created leadership development programs for organizations and individuals alike.