Speaking Engagements

Bring the Power of Wendy Capland and BOLD Leadership to Your Organization!

Wendy Capland is an inspirational and motivational leadership speaker. Using her unique life changing process, Wendy helps people create breakthrough results in their professional and personal lives. Her energetic style will inspire your audience to become their best selves, and her methodologies will help them accomplish their most challenging goals.


Wendy Capland has addressed individuals and organizations in a variety of industries including:

Healthcare, Technology, Finance, Insurance, Marketing/Advertising, Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical/Biotech, Manufacturing, Professional Services and Education.

Inspiring. Motivational. Educational. Change Agent.

Wendy Capland has helped organizations and individuals re-invent themselves during times of change and uncertainty. Internationally recognized in the field of leadership development, Wendy delivers her innovative presentations to inspire audiences large and small, to expand their capacity to make a difference and step into their leadership potential.

Your audience will:

  • Be inspired and motivated to achieve greater success
  • Learn specific steps to increase their personal and professional results
  • Feel empowered, able to meet challenges, and more adaptable to change
  • Have a new perspective on how to achieve personal happiness for their careers and their entire lives
  • Learn how to become their best selves and increase their bold factor

Presentation Formats

Wendy Capland is an engaging keynote speaker and facilitator of leadership development programs and workshops for corporations, organizations, and conferences with a delightful perspective on how to develop leadership talent. Her authenticity is motivating and inspiring! Audiences will leave inspired, renewed, and a reinvigorated sense of self practices to increase their impact.

> The Keynote

As a keynote speaker, Wendy Capland inspires audiences to step into their A-game and step into a bigger and bolder expression of their leadership potential. Wendy delivers engaging and thought-provoking sessions that will leave participants energized, excited, and inspired to make positive changes, both personally and professionally. Please allow 1-2 hours.

> The Workshop

Workshops utilize exercises, activities and group experiences to achieve awareness, build skills, and facilitate personal growth among participants. Workshops are best suited for groups in which participants work closely together, know one another or share a common community of learning (such as a conference break-out session). Workshops include important learning tools and handouts. Please allow a minimum of 2 and not more than 8 hours.

> The Program

Programs are intensive one or two-day learning experiences. Customized to an organization’s strategic goals and culture, content is highly relevant and effective. Learning tools, such as comprehensive participant guides, handouts, pre-work and post-work follow up are usually included to facilitate learning, retention, and sustainable behavior change. Please allow 1 or 2 days.

Whether she’s working one-on-one with corporate executives, speaking to conference audiences, or conducting her Women’s Leadership Retreats, Wendy Capland is inspiring a new brand of leadership around the world. Book Wendy today!



When top talent needs to expand themselves as leaders, step into new leadership roles and take on emerging challenges, Wendy Capland provides them with the tools they need to grow by leaps and bounds. Prescriptive, refreshing, and even revolutionary, leaders leave this session with new perspectives and strategies that lead to bigger and bolder results—for their organizations and for themselves.


Navigating successfully in today’s explosive business environment requires a radically different approach to managing and leading. New skills and new behaviors are required to lead growth, balance the bottom line needs of the business, and cultivate an engaged workforce. In this thought-provoking talk, Wendy Capland provides insight and perspective on how to cultivate top talent and position leadership teams for success.


In this interactive and transformative session, Wendy Capland guides participants through a self-assessment journey, allowing them to explore and expand the foundation of their authentic leadership brand. Leaders will discover who they are, who they have the potential to become, and outline their path towards making a bigger, more impactful contribution.




What’s your work-life purpose? What’s the legacy you want to leave through your role at work? Startlingly bright and deeply provoking, Wendy Capland answers these questions and more, as she takes participants through a transformational leadership experience to explore the foundation of their leadership. This session is lively, fun, experiential, and deeply moving, as individuals shape the next step in their leadership in the context of their roles at work.


Wendy Capland inspires participants to find their authentic power and create new ways to persevere through their greatest personal and professional challenges using the messages and proven strategies for bolder actions in her best selling leadership book, Your Next Bold Move for Women: 9 Proven Steps to Everything You Ever Wanted (2012). Participants leave excited and empowered with fresh perspectives and creative ideas to raise their bar, stretch themselves, and create higher performance, as they play bigger and bolder.


This hands-on interactive workshop, Wendy Capland takes an innovative approach as she helps participants take a new idea, project, or role at work and chart a successful and bold course. Participants leave with a structure and plan to attain their goals faster with strategies to address inevitable roadblocks and challenges. The uniqueness of this workshop is the strategic Action-Planning Guide that helps participants move forward with their goal in new ways with a plan to start implementing immediately. Past participants report higher performance, greater success and results, and more satisfaction as they innovatively expand and execute their vision forward.

Wendy Capland Speaking Engagements
Wendy Capland - Your Next Bold Move for Women Book


Wendy has been a three-time presenter at the Simmons College Leadership Conference and our attendees have benefited greatly from her sound advice and guidance on how to become more effective leaders at the workplace and within their industries. Since 2011, her team of Leadership Coaches have also provided our conference participants with exceptional coaching to help them step into their leadership more effectively and boldly to make their mark within their respective organizations.Nancy Leeser, Director Corporate Relations & Business Development, SimmonsLEADS – The preeminent authority on women’s leadership

Great speaker. Very inspirational and down to earth. Center for Women & Enterprise Annual Women’s Business Conference

Really valuable and highly engaging. I learned a lot that I can use back at work. Healthcare Business Women’s Association

Thank you so much for your wonderfully collaborative keynote presentation at this week’s Women’s Leadership Conference. It was a perfect kick-off to a successful conference; and the personal stories you shared reflected your own authenticity and I know inspired others to realize they don’t have to be perfect or know all the answers to be successful. Many people came up to me during the conference and told me how much they enjoyed your session and appreciated your format as well. It was a tremendous pleasure work with you both. Julie Magrath, Co-Program Director, The Conference Board’s Women’s Leadership Conference

Engaging and informative presenter. Extremely beneficial. Loved it, thought Wendy was better than most of the speakers I saw at the conference itself, highly suggest you use her for more at future conferences. Helped us realize we are all leaders in the world we work in and that each of us bring special talents to what we do. Simmons Leadership Conference


About Vision Quest Consulting

Wendy Capland is the Chief Executive Officer of one of America’s most innovative leadership development firms.


Wendy Capland Keynote Speaker

Wendy Capland has been a leadership speaker for hundreds of organizations, including MetLife, Hologic Corporation, The Conference Board, and Simmons Leadership Conference.


Wendy Capland Womens Leadership Speaker

Wendy Capland is one of America’s foremost authorities on Women’s Leadership and has created leadership development programs for organizations and individuals alike.